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In a world that depends increasingly on the use of computers and electronics, it is no surprise that the up-and-coming generation of young people tends to quickly grasp the fundamentals of computer science. As the information age explosion continues, virtually every facet of life will demand a basic familiarity with relevant technologies from all working adults. Beyond simple familiarity, those with a solid grasp of computer programming and the underlying Information Technology (IT) skills will be well-equipped to not only succeed, but also to lead and excel. Home Grown Programmers provides a full spectrum of programming curricula, as well as apprenticeship and job opportunities.

Reasons to use our learning platform:

- Mentoring - Students learn better with a mentor. While some can complete our classes by themselves, others may need assistance to gain the best knowledge of the concepts. The HGP mentors strive to remove the frustration that can result from misunderstanding a complex idea. Often, students can eventually become class mentors, further strengthening the subject matter in our required forum interaction.
- Personalized Instruction - Our grading and tracking approach aims to effectively guide students to improve their skills, while electronically tracking any errors for effective resolution. Our teachers collaborate with their students, using VOIP, desktop sharing, forums, blogs and online chats.
- Electronic Portfolio - Each course can be printed at course completion to provide a published record of the student’s grade and quiz answers, to be used for transcripts.
From tapping into your child’s natural desire to learn these sometimes intimidating courses, we are available to help you direct your student into scholastic leadership from our home to yours.

Why Consider Home Grown Programmers?

The vision of our IT professionals is to partner with parents and teachers to demonstrate solid values and wholesome ethics while weaving though the complexity of computer programs and software programming.

Fueled by a cadre of solid students and mentors, many of our programmers find that they start dreaming in a programming language or discover that they may be designed for professional IT work. HGP hopes to provide a force of well-trained professionals, in anticipation of a huge growth in the computer gaming, software development, and digital movie production sectors, impacting these traditionally underprincipled industries in a powerfully positive way.

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing fields in the world.  It is estimated that more than 500,000 new jobs will be created by 2014 accorded to a US Department of Labor Study (see Getting A Head Start Page).  The IT revolution continues to change the global landscape, and many colleges & universities now require a minimum of one year of high school programming experience to even be considered for admission.  Regardless of what field students pursue, it is clear that those with solid computer and math skills their career choices will have an early advantage.  However, there are currently limited opportunities for homeschool students to learn these essential skills.  HGP provides this opportunity interactively through distance learning with highly qualified teachers and proven professionals from the IT industry.

Our Goal

At Home Grown Programmers, our goal is to put the student at ease in a world where Information and Internet Technologies are growing exponentially.

We offer classes that have:
• Interactive teaching online by seasoned professional programmers and math mentors
• Parent - Mentor partnerships for tailored instruction
• Free auditing for parents in classroom instruction
• No travel involved to get to the teacher or classroom
• Mentor led Forum interaction
• Voice Over IP audio for no additional cost on your broadband connection
• All content available online
• Apprenticeship opportunities after technical expertise evaluation

For those who thrive in the fascinating world of Information Technology, HGP also offers outstanding mentorship/apprenticeship programs that provide a chance to work under an experienced IT professional, learn about computers, and earn a paycheck at the same time. This combination has been effectively proven, time and time again, to benefit everybody involved.

It’s time to get involved in the thrilling, intricate world of computers!
View an in-depth presentation about our program here.

Have questions? View our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

Live Support

Have questions about our Apprenticeship Program, the courses we offer, or sponsoring Apprentice Projects?


Our Mentors are skilled professionals that desire to pass on life and professional experience knowledge to others. HomeGrownProgrammers embraces the time proven tradition of passing on skills. The acrostic below summarizes our approach and values.

  • Mastery of Skill(s)
  • Experience over many years
  • Normalcy not Normal
  • Thirst for Knowledge
  • Opportunity to Train
  • Receptive to new ideas

Meet our mentors:

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