Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams -

Holding a Certificate in Object Oriented Programming from AIMS Community College and living in Estes Park, Colorado, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, Joshua enjoys programming, long distance running, volleyball, chess and many other sports and mentally challenging activities. Joshua is the oldest of 9 siblings and brings many of the qualities of an older brother to the students he mentors. After joining Automation Excellence as an apprentice in July 2009, Joshua would be the first to say that he has learned a great deal from his mentors and is eager to pass on these lessons to future HGP students and apprentices.

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Our Mentors are skilled professionals that desire to pass on life and professional experience knowledge to others. HomeGrownProgrammers embraces the time proven tradition of passing on skills. The acrostic below summarizes our approach and values.

  • Mastery of Skill(s)
  • Experience over many years
  • Normalcy not Normal
  • Thirst for Knowledge
  • Opportunity to Train
  • Receptive to new ideas

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