Q: If I finish one course early, do I have to wait twelve weeks before starting another?

A: Not at all. Generally we would encourage students to work according to the class schedule, so they can interact with their fellow students during the classes. Also, since we are still developing new classes, there may be some that will not become available until a specific time. However, the class flow isn't set in stone, either. So if you finish early, and want to continue, we will work with you as much as we can as far as starting new classes or providing extra individual projects or challenges to deepen the learning in the subject! Our goal is to challenge students and give them all the opportunities they want to learn, so that they can succeed and grow as quickly as they want to.

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Our Mentors are skilled professionals that desire to pass on life and professional experience knowledge to others. HomeGrownProgrammers embraces the time proven tradition of passing on skills. The acrostic below summarizes our approach and values.

  • Mastery of Skill(s)
  • Experience over many years
  • Normalcy not Normal
  • Thirst for Knowledge
  • Opportunity to Train
  • Receptive to new ideas

Meet our mentors:

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